Air Compressors

Lans Company Air Compressor Products

FS-Curtis Air Compressor


FS-Curtis Air compressors are built to last. With 100% cast iron, these compressors have the quality and durability to keep you satisfied for years to come!

Not only are they great lasting compressors they have a unique Industrial Design that lowers the cost.






mattei compressorLans Company is proud to be the leading distributor in North America of Mattei Air Compressors.

These compressors have superior credibility. Long lasting (over 100,000 hours), reliable, durable, simple and economical.



SaylorBeall Compressor

Sullair started manufacturing Air Compressors in 1965. They are widely known for their durability and reliability.

Sullair has a huge verity of compressors that range from small 5 hp to 450 hp. The two-stage air compressors  range from 100 hp to 600 hp.



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